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National Advocacy Conference 2023

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Thank you to everyone who came to be part of something really special this year.  It's such a privilege to be able to come together as one community to share our experiences, learn new things together and whoop up our energy.  Thank you. 

Check out the links to speakers, presentations and a  selection of videos.

Opening video

Every year we produce a thought provoking video to open conference and get us in the mood.  Check out this years 'Everyone makes a difference'

Anna Severwight

Social Care that enables us all to live 'Gloriously ordinary Lives'

Anne-Marie Glasby

Where's the oomph?  Supporting people to get out of hospital

Louisa Rhodes

Life after leaving hospital under Transforming Care

Kirsty Stuart

Using the law to get people out of hospital

Mathieu Culverhouse

End of life treatments and the law on human rights

Peter Edwards

DoLS with 16 & 17 year olds.  A broken system

Saoirse de Bont

Capacity & Sex: Intimate relations and the Court of Protection

Gail Petty

Safeguarding & Closed Cultures.  Are advocates really keeping people safe?


Supporting Decision Making

Nic Crosby

How to have a relentless focus on the person - no matter what

University of Bristol

Substituted Parenting:  What does this mean for learning-disabled parents in the family court context

Social Finance

How independent advocacy can make a difference for people with learning disabilities and autistic people - Evidence from the Henry Smith Programme

see you next year!

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