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Qualifications in Independent Advocacy 

We know that qualifications are a great way to demonstrate that you know what you are doing.   Our goal is to support you to achieve your qualification so you can confidently show and be recognised for your skillful practice.  We offer a truly cost effective way of completing qualifications that helps you grow.  

"My assessor provided great support to progress through the qualification by communicating really well.  Also excellent online resources"

This was such a positive experience.  I have recommended KMT to everyone I know! 

"Bloody brilliant!"

"She was very supportive, I told her I was not good with being supervised as it was a trigger for my anxiety. She was very good with this and made the experience supportive and non-judgemental"

Once you register you will receive:

  1. A personal link to an online learning platform. 
    This has a huge amount of resources from pre-recorded lectures, e-learning, presentations, video and on line assessment 


  2. An invitation to attend weekly highly effective live training events. These include highly interactive webinar/workshops and offer you more one to one support. 

  3. Masterclass Advocacy Support sessions
    As part of your qualification package, you will receive a complimentary 6 month pass to our Black Belt Advocacy programme.  Part of this is a weekly masterclass which includes:

    • 30 mins to offer support and reflection.  The idea is that we use our collective experience to problem solve and support.  Instead of developing knowledge through borrowing books, we borrow people!

    • 30 mins to offer the theme of the week.  This will be circulated on a Monday and you are invited to share your thoughts and insights on the topic.

  4. A named assessor who will support you through the assessment
    Your assessor will visit you at your place of work to complete an observation of
    you in action and explore your case work, records and reports

Level 2 Award in Independent Advocacy 

Level 4 Certificate in Independent Advocacy Practice 

Qualifications (Cert & Dip): Service
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