We know that qualifications are a great way to demonstrate that you know what you

are doing.   Our goal is to support you to achieve your qualification so you can

confidently show and be recognised for your skillful practice

We offer a cost effective way of completing qualifications.  The model is blended

learning (which essentially means there are different ways we train you - some

on line sessions and some face to face).  We have developed our unique black

belt advocacy to deliver maximum impact

Once you register you will receive:

  1. A personal link to an online learning platform. 
    This has a huge amount of resources from pre-recorded lectures,
    e-learning, presentations, video and on line assessment 


  2. An invitation to attend weekly highly effective live training events
    These include highly interactive webinar/workshops and offer you more one to one support. For 
    more experienced advocates we will use 'action learning sets' to push you.


  3. Weekly human library sessions
    Every Friday at 12.00pm you can access the human library.  This is an informal gatherings of advocates who want to seek out support and reflect on their role.  The idea is that we use our collective experience to problem solve and support.  Instead of developing knowledge through borrowing books, we borrow people.

  4. A named assessor who will support you through the assessment
    Your assessor will visit you at your place of work to complete an observation of
    you in action and explore your case work, records and reports



Level 2

The Award will provide you with an understanding of what Independent Advocacy is and how to use the values and principles which underpin good practice. It is perfect for people looking for more information about advocacy, self advocates, peer advocates and anyone who is looking for a level 2 award.


Level 4

This qualification is for individuals who act as independent advocates and is a popular choice for 
people who wish to develop skills and knowledge
and gain accreditation. 


The Certificate consists of 4 units and includes the opportunity to study advocacy in specialist settings
(IMCA, IMCA, Children's, Complaints, Care Act)
as well as a choice of focusing on community
based advocacy.