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Advocacy Leadership

An inspiring and challenging programme for managers and leaders in Independent Advocacy.

Successful leaders take time out to nurture, feed and nourish themselves. They know, that to be effective you need clarity on what to do, focus on where you're going, dedication to do whatever it takes and courage to set standards.


This course provides you with the space, skills, ideas and tools to achieve this. This programme has been specifically designed to support advocacy leaders on their journey through 2024.   It will involve 2 days (in person) and 5 days (on line) training punctuated throughout the year.


                           "Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only                                             improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you" Robin Sharma


June 6th  2024 - In person

Its all about YOU

The opening focus is all about you and investing in your skills! During the month you will explore why you do what you do and the leadership archetype you embody. We will also look at your personal psychology - the rules, values and beliefs that govern your behaviour, how these serve you and what it might cost.

July 3rd 2024

Leading a Team

We will concentrate on two major areas: 1. Culture. Did you
know that culture eats strategy for breakfast? Strong leaders
don't adapt to culture - they set it. During this month you'll
discover what your culture is, what expectations you are
unconsciously setting for your team, what behaviours are rewarded and what is tolerated. You will take this learning and start to reshape the culture you want. 2. Supporting your team. You will identify what your team need right NOW and how to motivate & inspire them towards happiness and a shared purpose.


July 23rd 2024

Constant Improvements

Getting better is often about constant tiny improvements. You will discover the opportunities for meaningful growth, your organisational weaknesses and what you MUST improve to have the impact you want. This month you will learn about using a growth mindset and how to get out of your comfort zone.


August 20th  2024

Creating Raving Fans

To create raving fans of your service you need to understand
their needs and then focus on over delivering for them. The
people who use you, the people who commission you and
the people you work alongside all have different needs.

This month we will focus on developing a 'Janus' mindset where you can comfortably switch between meeting the needs of different people.

September 23rd 2024

Changing the World

This month you will look at the impact you want to have through your advocacy. You will learn that knowledge isn't power. Execution is power. We will look at WHAT you need to DO to have the IMPACT you WANT. 

Some areas of specific focus will be:

  • Figuring out your allies

  • Why (and where) you must focus on systemic advocacy

  • Influence: What it is and how to do it

  • Isomorphism: What is it and how to avoid it

  • Hypernormalisation: What it is and how to challenge it.

Measuring what matters

October 15th 2024

Our focus this month is understanding what can and should be measured. Using tools from big business, you will get a handle on how to capture what you do well and how to uncover what needs to improve. But it is not enough to simply measure - we will also be looking at WHAT you do with this data.

Unleash the leader

November 21st 2024- In person 

Ready for the in-person event?

Be prepared to play full out for our final session.  You will be invited to spend the day as one group, reflecting on what you have learnt and putting things into practice. This is the day of full integration, where you will be taking yourself into leading the organisation you want.

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