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Advocacy Awards

Because we love advocacy!

Advocacy is one of the best things in the world.  When its done well,
it makes a big difference to individuals, communities and society. 

We believe it is important to celebrate the difference the advocacy community makes and shout about outstanding practice, people and organisations.  These awards recognise excellence within advocacy and congratulate exceptional contributions to the field of advocacy.  They are open to anyone involved in advocacy.


There are 5 categories people and organisations can be nominated in:

  1. Outstanding advocate

  2. Outstanding service

  3. Best co-production

  4. Outstanding contribution to equality and diversity

  5. Best supporter of advocacy


Within each category, up to 4 entries will be shortlisted.  From the final shortlisted entries one winner will be announced at the National Advocacy Awards Ceremony, taking place Nov 2023, in Birmingham.

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