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Training and support for unstoppable advocates

We are in the business of building unstoppable Black Belt advocates.
Advocates who know exactly what needs to be done. 

If you are an advocate, looking for training or further development, or an organisation who wants a training partner, not a training provider, then speak to our team today.


Rocket Fuel for Advocates

"Very professional yet relaxed approach which made me
feel more comfortable in learning"

"Excellent all round.  I would HIGHLY recommend!"

"Thank you! Sometimes you can feel a bit isolated as
an Independent Advocate, but the training, and
trainers really helped me feel like I am part of
a wider community of Advocates"

Live training sessions coming up:

03/04/2024 12:00PM Advocacy for young people within Child Protection Conferences.
09/04/2024 12:00PM Putting the Activism back into Advocacy.
16/04/2024 12.00PM Autism Basics and Roundabout Theory.

Perfect for qualification learners and Blackbelt Advocacy members.  Book online through your learning portal/calendar dashboard
Please note these are free to Black Belt Advocacy members otherwise a charge of £40 + VAT will be applicable. If you are not sure please email -


Interested in achieving City & Guilds Level 2 or 4 in Independent Advocacy 


Join our growing army of Black Belt Advocates. Weekly support so you are never on your own. 


Nominate outstanding people and organisations or join us to celebrate.


Be part of the annual conference which brings the advocacy community together

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