Resources during Coronavirus Pandemic

Since March 2020, our lives have been ruled by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Choices and decisions about how we live, work and play have been governed by a new set of rules. To support advocates through this period we will offer additional help and guidance about how best to deliver Independent Advocacy to ensure the role we play in protecting people's human rights continues.

Valuing voices: Protecting rights through the pandemic and beyond


This new report warns that disabled people and care home residents have seen their human rights breached, and access to independent advocacy and health and social care cut, during the coronavirus pandemic. The report also explains the actions that could prevent a repeat of these problems, as the second wave of coronavirus sweeps over much of the UK.


The report is the result of a survey of nearly 450 advocates. Advocacy
organisations across the UK, including Kate Mercer Training worked in
partnership to run the survey and launch the report.

This MYTHBUSTER guide was co-produced with VoiceAbility, Kate Mercer and NDTi - it debunks the myths and misunderstandings that may be circulating during the Coronavirus crisis.  (April 2020)


PPE and Advocacy -

Aug 4th - 11am

Join Lindsay Graham, Advocacy Director, People First Independent Advocacy) and Vicky Lowe (Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Cloverleaf) as they lead this session reflecting on the past 3 months and future thoughts with the safe and appropriate use of PPE.

Managing state and feelings in uncertain times

July 27th 11am

Advocates are facing a new set of challenges and rules as they work out safe ways of supporting people post Covid. This webinar, led by internataional speaker on communication and emotional intelligence, Lynn Williams, explores strategies to manage your own state so you are the strongest you when making choices.

Mental Health Advocacy on the front line - positive and inspiring

approaches to making a difference during Covid 19

June 11th 10am

Join Peter Edwards (Solicitor, Peter Edwards Law) and Kate as they look at issues within mental health advocacy, share practice and hear your ideas on providing kickass and effective advocacy.   

Independent Advocacy and PPE

May 28th 2020 3.00pm

As we come out of lockdown, we can expect face to face visits to increase.  During this session you will hear from Lindsay Graham, Advocacy Director, People First Independent Advocacy) and Vicky Lowe (Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Cloverleaf) who will explore what PPE advocates should be using in order to provide safe advocacy.   

Independent Advocacy on the front line

May 12th 2020

Kate will join Dr Oliver Lewis (Barrister Doughty St) in conversation to reflect on how Independent Advocacy is responding to the needs of people during the crisis.

Advocacy During the Coronavirus Pandemic   

APRIL 6th 2020

Join Steve Broach (Barrister 39 Essex St) who covers the new Coronavirus Act, its impact on services and how advocates can respond.