National Advocacy Conference 2020

 Programme - thurs 29th october 

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Personal power and taking control

9.30 - 10.30    Personalised Care: An Insight into PHBs, Advocacy and Lived Experience. Lucy Watts MBE

In this session Lucy will share some of her lived experience as a young adult with a life-limiting condition and give practical insight into the inner workings of Personal Health Budgets, the importance of advocacy and how a good experience of advocacy led Lucy to work as an advocate herself. Lucy wants viewers to understand the impacts of advocacy on an individual, how advocacy is very important through the Personal Health Budget process, and the impact good advocacy can make to the individual and the professionals involved.

11.00 - 12.00   How Social Prescribing can help people to get better lives.

Charlotte Reeves, The Care Forum  

An overview of social prescribing and how it works in practice. This talk will look at what social prescribing is, the different models, how it can help and what it looks like in practice. It will signpost to other resources for those wanting more in-depth information about wellbeing, social prescribing and research.

Here is a link to their website 

12.30 - 1.30   Rachel Turner & James Rosborough, Shared Lives Ambassadors supported by Andy Cooke, Shared Lives carer Champion

This session will be facilitated by Rachel Turner and James Rosborough who are Shared Lives Ambassadors and supported by Andy Cooke who is a Shared Lives carer Champion – all work for Shared Lives Plus.  By joining the session you will hear:

  • an overview of Shared Lives

  • from Rachel and James about their experiences of using Shared Lives

  • why Shared Lives is so important

  • how advocates can support people to access Shared Lives

2.00 - 3.00 The Art of Speaking Up Leah Jones. Positive You

"I would like to talk about being a self-advocate. I would like to talk about starting up my own business called Positive You. I would then like to talk about an example exhibition called Recipe for a Good Life to show how art can help people speak up. Jade will say a bit of something about how she facilitates and supports my work".

Easy read


3.30 - 4.30  Using Judicial Review as a tool of systemic change Oliver Carter. Irwin Mitchell

Using legal remedies is an important way to not only overturn unlawful decisions but as a way to protect social justice and fair decision making.  Oliver will guide you through what a Judicial Review is and which decisions should be leading advocates to seek legal advice to bring about one.