National Advocacy Conference 2020

 Programme - tues 27th october 

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Advocacy and mental capacity

9.30 - 10.30      The Liberty Protection Safeguards.  Where are we now?

Join Irwin Mitchell for an update on the LPS and its implications for practice.  The session will also explore what can be done to prepare for the LPS now.

11.00 - 12.00   Water cooler chat.

One of the great things about conferences is being part of the discussion and sharing your views with colleagues.  Join advocates from across the world to discuss hot topics which impact mental capacity advocacy.  Help Kate to set the agenda and then participate in small discussion breakout groups to explore how advocacy can make a difference in people's lives.

12.30 - 1.30   Life, Death and the Journeys in Between.  The role advocates play in people's lives.  Jakki Cowley 

Jakki will be talking about her recently published book ‘Life Death and the journeys in Between - Stories of an advocate’ where she reflects on the role of advocacy over the last two decades, how it’s changed and where we’re at now with regards to being the persons voice, are we telling peoples stories to enable them to have change in their lives or have we become too focused on a criteria that leaves many voiceless. Her book describes her own learning in telling someones story when they’re unable to express anything anymore, working with people in a prolonged disorder of consciousness (PDOC) & advocating for their treatment to be withdrawn began a journey of finding out what it means for each of us to be alive and live and how we ensure our voice is never unheard.

To order a copy of Jakki's book please click here.

2.00 - 3.00  Open Justice in the Court of Protection: Opportunities for Advocates.  Gill Loomes-Quinn

The Open Justice Court of Protection Project works to promote Open Justice in the Court of Protection.  Gill Loomes-Quinn is a socio-legal scholar-activist with a background in community advocacy who first encountered the Mental Capacity Act 2005 when it was introduced while she was working as a specialist autism advocate. In this talk, Gill will discuss the Open Justice in the Court of Protection Project, share key lessons learnt and explore how advocates might use the opportunity of observing the Court of Protection in action to develop their advocacy practice, as well as the role advocates may have in expanding the transparency and accessibility of the court.

3.30 - 4.30 Getting people with learning disabilities and autism out of hospital - is there a role for the Court of Protection?  Mat Culverhouse and Kirsty Stewart, Irwin Mitchell

Despite the Transforming Care programme working to reduce inpatient admissions of people with learning disabilities and autism there remains over 2500 people who are currently held in mental health hospitals.  Given most of this group can live happy and thriving lives in the community with the right package of support, why are so many languishing in secure settings?  Mat and Kirsty will explore if and how the Court of Protection can provide appropriate ways to get people with a learning disability and or autism out of hospital and into great community homes.