National Advocacy Conference 2020

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2020 is the year where things undoubtedly changed.

And we are changing too.  Instead of the National Conference taking place at a live event in Birmingham, we are moving online.  We like to grab uncertainty and use unexpected opportunities to our benefit, so we are offering a whole entire week of

exceptional content to support advocates to kick ass. 

Look. We don't believe in the new normal.  We believe in the new 'not normal'.  When we come out of this Pandemic, lets not go back to things being the way they were. 

Lets demand a better new.        


Be part of the National Advocacy Conference (Oct 26th - 30th).   


Join us.  Be extraordinary.   

National Advocacy Conference 2020

 Programme of events 

Art Exhibition

Throughout the week, to celebrate the power of self advocacy, we would like to share this uniquly commissioned collection of art. 


Jade French has curated an online exhibition of 6 UK-based learning disabled artists which explore themes of human rights, self advocacy, speaking up, being heard, improving services, self determination and control.


We hope you enjoy the pieces.


The exhibition will go live at 9.00am on Monday 26th October. 

Theme - Advocacy and mental health 

A day exploring advocacy in mental health settings.  Perfect for IMHAs and anyone interested in learning more about the impact of mental health advocacy.

Theme - Advocacy and mental capacity

A day looking at providing advocacy to people with fluctuating capacity and those who lack capacity.  

Theme - Activist Lawyers and Activist Advocacy 

Effective advocacy can often take place through activism - whether this is organised by groups on a national scale, or through the determined and strong will of individuals.  Today we will hear from lawyers who are well experienced in using the law to fight for, and protect, people's rights.  

Theme - Personal Power and Taking Control 

Throughout today, you will hear from individual changemakers who have firsthand experience of using services, designing and shaping them, or understand the importance of people being able to take control of the type of support they use - and how advocacy needs to respond to people taking power. 

Theme - Advocacy and Systemic Change

Advocates mostly work to effect change for the individual - but advocacy also has a role to play in changing systems so they are led by the people who use them.  Throughout today, you will hear from individuals and organisations who have things to say about systems and how advocates can make them better. 

A bit of information about tickets:

By moving the conference on line for 2020 we have been presented with a fabulous opportunity to open up sessions to people who might not normally be able to come to the physical face to face event.  We are able therefore to offer free tickets to anyone who is genuinely not in a position to buy a ticket.  The costs of running this week long event, however are not nil, so if you are in position to financially contribute and buy a ticket, we say 'please do, it'll be worth it' :). 


Suggested contributions are £10 or £30 on a 'pay what you can afford' basis.

If you are from an organisation and would like to make multiple bookings, please get in touch to discuss options, including invoicing arrangements.

07876 158 276